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What are your weekend plans?

Sorry if the question is a little late for some. My weekend officially begins today and runs thru until Monday :-)

3 years ago by baron778 with 27 comments

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  • Cobbydaler

    We've got a 'Summer in Tuscany: Date Night' culinary class at Sur La Table tonight. We'll be rustling up Grilled Shrimp and Tomatoes with Cannellini Beans and Sage, Seared Pork with Roasted Grapes, Citrus and Fennel Salad with Ricotta Salata and Zabaglione with Summer Berries.

  • eilyra

    Well, it's late Saturday evening here, so less plans and more what's happened, but. Watched a movie last evening, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 to be specific. This evening seems to be going watching Evo, a fighting game tournament. Currently watching Smash Bros. for Wii U. And tomorrow evening I'll be heading off to the summer cottage, probably be there for a week.

  • Zeus (edited 3 years ago)

    I'm going to try and finish writing this damn article.

    • dianep

      what you writing about?

  • picklefingers

    Read. I have been procrastinating my reading for my summer history classes so this weekend is going to suck for me.

  • pitaenigma

    Israeli weekend is Friday-Saturday, so I was planning on watching Hunting Elephants and meeting with friends. The friends had to study (they started university, I want to work some more first because I have no idea what to do with my life), and I've been playing Mass Effect, redditing, snapzuing, and hanging out with my family instead of watching Hunting Elephants

  • FurtWigglepants (edited 3 years ago)

    Witcher 3, Neverwinter, prolly some LoL as well.

    • twoBits

      Sounds like a great weekend to me! I would LOVE to spend my weekend playing Witcher 3. I love my kids! Love em' but, I could use some game days for dad too. :(

  • fanficmistress

    Friends wedding in New York and then finishing out the weekend in the city.

  • jcscher

    Spending time at Put in Bay,Ohio ,Lake Erie Island.

  • NotWearingPants

    Writing a paper for one class, taking a test in another, and two tests in a third. On the plus side, summer semester is nearly over.

  • xezebien

    I'm going to buy some of that legal marijuana, play some video games, and bask in the glory of my air conditioner during this silly heat wave the pacific northwest seems to be experiencing.

  • ClarkKent

    Well, going to flyout to California soon to see girlfriends family in Los Gatos!

  • achensherd


    After work tonight, though, I'm going to go buy a box of cream puffs, drop by Fry's to pick up a couple of routers and a surge protector, and then go to Grandma's to watch some Cooking with Dog with her and my aunt.

    Tomorrow night after work is "Riff on Classic Movies Night" with my cousin.

  • Arbituz

    I started vacation Friday after work so I'm just enjoying not having to go back Monday. I plan on finishing up the semester of school and playing some games on PS4.

    What are your plans /u/baron778 ?

  • drone

    I start my new job at an Amazon plant.

    I'll be working the Friday through Monday night shift for $13/hr.

    I'm pretty excited.

  • takkane

    The bunch of homework and projects I have :(

  • KingAztek

    My family and I went to a Chinese Buffet and then walked along the beach and pier for a bit today, tomorrow is more of a morning yard work and then relax type of day.

  • massani

    Finishing up some UI stuff so that I can post it on Behance and my portfolio. It's really hard trying to get into this industry because I have had zero knowledge about it until this year. So hopefully by this time next year I will have a lovely full-time job :)

  • ToixStory

    Going to try and finish up some commissions while tomorrow night I'll be cooking my SO dinner for a night in, complete with wine and a movie. Not the worst weekend, I don't think.

  • BucksinSixxx

    My aunt from out of state is visiting this weekend, so my family is having a party at my parents.

  • NstealthL

    Just spent the past couple days moving into new apartment, cleaning, buying things, and doing all that usual good stuff when you move into a completely new country/city/apartment/life. I'm going to now spend the rest of today relaxing with my computer, and taking another nice walk with my dog later :)

  • racerxonclar

    Dota, Dirty Bomb, and working my one day a week job. Maybe working more on my latest rendering project.

  • cunt

    Saturday: Stick to my diet, spent day thinking, made plans at 5pm to go and see Ant-Man with my friend, discussed thinking with partner Sunday: Thainstone - Aberdeenshires largest weekly market