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    No Man's Sky just might be the coolest concept I've seen for a game.

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    They kind of remind me of veins (or arteries, whichever ones are blue)

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    Hey, I'm a new user here, so hello everyone :) I just have a quick question about something implied in the last paragraph.

    At every stage of development, the growing cortex is indeed subject to the external force of the cranium, she says. So as the cortex grows in the confined space, it must crumple, and at every stage of development the scaling relationship should hold, she argues... If the scaling relationship holds at all stages of development, she says, then there is no need for another mechanism to explain the folding.

    If the study shows that the amount of folds is subject to a scaling law and that these folds increase surface area, wouldn't this imply that a smaller skull would result in more folds, thus a more complex brain?