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  • 2 years ago
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  • 3 years ago
    Conversation TheDreamingMonk
    This comment has gained traction and has turned into a conversation.

    Not that I like defending Microsoft, being a Linux user since 1999...

    It harvesting your history ( browsing, purchasing, etc ) is for targeted ads. Nothing new here as other companies have already been doing it for ages. Hell, if anyone is still allowing most cookies in their browser, they're likely already being targeted by such ads. Assuming the aren't using an ad blocker.

    The listening isn't covert. It's apart of Cortana and needed for doing things by voice. Much like Apples Siri and Google already do with their voice controls. The idea of covert is that you wouldn't know they were listening, but by the very logic of having voice recognition, searching, control, etc... they kind of HAVE to be listening.

    The key logging is really the only thing here with no legit reasoning.

    And of course the default is to be on. You don't ship a system purposely gimped. You ship it full featured ( as most users are going to use it ) and let the privacy minded people disable these items that they're worried about. This is how most systems default. The only caveat is much like Ubuntu's Amazon integration... they don't tell you it's happening and haven't provided a straight forward way to completely disable it. It takes a bit of ingenuity, but most of it has already long since been figured out and easily disabled via 3rd party software.

    This is the way most systems and services have been heading the last few years, mainly in the phone/mobile space. It was only a matter of time until Microsoft tried it in the desktop space too. Anyone who hasn't been expecting this to happen, and soon, should have paid better attention.

  • 3 years ago
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