• Bastou (edited 8 years ago)

    I think you may be ready for independent and international cinema. There are original movies and TV series, but rarely big mainstream ones, mainly for the reasons explained by /u/Wenjarich. Also a shoot out to /t/moviesuggestions, just ask for either independent or otherwise original ones. And the best of those get remade by Hollywood. If you can't stand movies that aren't made by Hollywood (no judgement here), look for directors that are the products of these outside-Hollywood movie industries and started making movies for big US studios. Usually they make very good original content for Hollywood as well.

    Some directors in that category that I enjoy, in no particular order (out the top of my head) :

    - Denis Villeneuve;
    - Philippe Falardeau;
    - Alejandro González Iñárritu;
    - Guillermo Del Toro;
    - Sam Mendes;
    - Jason Reitman;
    - Wes Anderson

    • frohawk

      Thank you so much! I actually think I've been dabbling into international waters for years on and off, but exposure and knowledge to them is one of the biggest obstacles for me, personally.

      Ever since Sherlock (BCC), I've had my eye on BCC for TV shows (which led me to discover Being Human and In the Flesh), and I've slowly transitioned from anime to Japanese and Korean live action movies.

      And I have deep seated love for B-horrors. So I will check out this tribe and your recommendations, they look right up my alley! :D