• Rathenix

    This is a tough question. The 3DS (and really all of the Nintendo portable family) can attribute a lot of its success to the number of quality titles available. There have always been consistent releases of new, high-quality games and it really makes the system worth owning. That said, its hard to tell which ones will have the longest lasting impact. The GBA is available for easy comparison. The library for that system is so stellar that it would be hard for me to pick a best or most important game. Hell, it would be hard for me to make a top 5.

    To actually answer your question, I think the N64 remakes have a lot of potential. They are reaching an audience that may never have experienced them otherwise and they bring that nostalgia factor for the older gamers. On top of that, the 3DS has ports of games that are already legendary in their own circles, like Tales of the Abyss, which goes for over $100+ these days. The newest Monster Hunter, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem games have also all been amazing, but I honestly think it's the one-offs that end up being the most coveted in years to come. I guess I don't think there has been that one game yet. The one that will define the system when people look back at it. There are plenty of good games to be played, but all of the releases have been relatively "safe" for Nintendo. I thought Codename STEAM had potential to be that big, but hype for that game died when came out as fast as it built up in the first place.