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  • spaceghoti
    @shiranaihito -

    There's no such thing as a square circle. Do you want evidence, or is logic enough?

    Mathematics and logic can only take you so far. When you're talking about policies that have real-world consequences then you need to support your claims with evidence. Square circles are not relevant to this conversation, the impact of economic and political policies are.

    No, you haven't. That's what I'm saying. You have pasted a shitload of links at me, inviting me to go read them to find support for your case, whatever it might be. That's not how you debate people.

    Yes, I have. I have made claims, and then I have provided sources for how I know those claims to be true. Furthermore, I have provided sources for how I know your claims are not true. I have done my due diligence. Whether or not you care enough to follow through is your concern.

    That's complete horseshit, considering I haven't endorsed any "policies". In fact, I endorse having no policies at all, i.e. a free market. That's also horseshit because what I actually do endorse, promotes freedom for everyone.

    The "free market" is, in fact, a policy position. I have presented evidence that your "free market" is a utopian fantasy, that the closer we get to creating it the worse off everyone's lives become except for an elite few. I have furthermore presented evidence that carefully managed economies -- not the Soviet-style Communist dictatorships that you like to reference as the only example of a managed economy -- not only create better results for everyone but they create more freedom for everyone involved. You "know" your free-market ideals are true because you have faith. I know your free-market ideals are wrong because I have evidence.

    So you demand evidence from me, but don't hold yourself to any sound debating standards, as shown by your false claim above about the "policies" I endorse. Does that sound fair?

    I held myself to the same standards I hold you to. Your problem is that you don't have anything to support your claims, merely assertions. I know this because if you did have anything to back up your claims you would have presented them already. Consequently, this discussion is finished, barring any evidence in support of your assertions.

  • shiranaihito (edited 4 years ago)
    @spaceghoti -

    The "free market" is, in fact, a policy position.

    It's not, and especially not because I didn't even bring it up before you made your claim about the "policies" I endorse. You're being (intellectually) dishonest again.

    Also, a policy is based on "regulations", which are laws, which are commands that you're punished for disobeying.

    In other words, a policy is based on coercion, and a free market requires an absence of that.

    I have furthermore presented evidence that carefully managed economies [..] not only create better results for everyone but they create more freedom for everyone involved.

    "Managing" an economy involves coercion, because without it, people would just do whatever they wanted. So basically you're saying that intervening in people's freedoms "creates more freedom". Black is white. Up is down.

    But I'll just stop here because I think you're a psychopath and just playing games with me.

  • [Deleted Profile] (edited 4 years ago)

    [This comment was removed]

    • shiranaihito
      @ -

      So because you can't debate me in your own words, you resort to linking to some propaganda bullshit?