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Why Coconut Is So Healthy For You

  • Why Coconut Is So Healthy For You

    The “water” that is extracted from the coconut is a nutritious drink that has been renowned for its health benefits for hundreds of years by people living in tropical regions. Each nut contains an astonishing 200 to 1000 millilitres of water, you wouldn’t have thought that something so small could pack in such a nutritious punch with that kind of quantity. The water itself contains a multitude of micronutrients which really boost your immune system. It also contains a plant hormone called cytokinins which have been known to combat the effects of aging on your skin and is popular among the ladies as a result. It is always good to go for the fresh option rather than bottled versions as natural versions as known to reap the most rewards for your health. Let us take a look at some of the main benefits you can enjoy as a result of this wonderous drink.

    Rehydrates the Body

    This is one of the most comprehensive benefits of this drink. It is one of the best ways to beat a thirst under tropical sunny conditions. The fact that it has an electrolyte composition makes it also one of the best remedies for fluid loss in the body due to sicknesses like diarrhoea not to mention a rich content of carbohydrates which ensures you have a high level of energy at all times. Further studies and research show that this drink is also an effective way to replenish the fluids lost during exercise, so the next time you hit the gym you know what you could drink to retain your body’s hydration.

    Lowers Blood Pressure

    Blood pressure is a common ailment which millions of people around the world suffer from, luckily coconut water is now known to be an effective way to combat this. Two cups of this nutritious water can help regulate your blood pressure. The level of Potassium found in this drink negates the effect of sodium in the body. Sodium is known as a contributing factor to blood pressure. This also a very important difference between the bottled variant and the natural variant of the drink, the bottled version is known to be high in sodium content.

    Heart Tonic

    Cholesterol is one of the worst enemies of your body but of course there are two different types of cholesterol and these are HDL and LDL. Water from a coconut reduces the LDL content in your body which is of course the harmful type of cholesterol in your body. The more mature the coconut is, the more effective it would be in contributing towards lipid metabolism. Good metabolism is what will make sure that all excess lipids are processed in your body without the chance of any unnecessary retention. The icing on the cake would be the fact that this drink would also be rich in antioxidants which enhance blood circulation and remove any plaque you would not want in your arteries. Lower plaque formation means there would be a lower risk of heart-related sicknesses.


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