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Conversation 8 comments by 6 users
  • Autumnal

    This is a prime opportunity for snapzu to grow, but with an invite system and no mobile apps still, I see little chance of it happening .

    • leweb

      I came here during the big exodus that happened after they fired Victoria Taylor. I hadn't heard of Snapzu before, but got an invite and decided to give it a shot. I think it is way better. I also think that the invite system and the culture regarding up/downvoting are some of the biggest strengths of the site. They make it hard to create lots of fake accounts and mass downvote someone that you disagree with, and keep trolls mostly out. You're much more likely to have an intelligent discussion here. This doesn't mean there aren't stupid arguments, of course, we're all guilty of this at some point, but they're not nearly as common as your typical subreddit. Overall I think I'd rather have this than a lot of users.

      • Spoooooon

        I came after the election because I was sick of the culture on reddit. It's much better here and I think you are right, it is in large part to the difficulty in creating fake accounts.

      • Autumnal

        I did as well, but I mean, there's very little discussion here, even if it's good

        • leweb

          You have a point. Maybe we should think of some way to encourage people to invite others while keeping the culture of the site. I for one am guilty of never inviting anyone.

        • twoBits

          Agreed! But, I am at fault for the lack of conversation on Sanpzu. There have been ample times I should/could have started a conversation or simply commented on a post, but didn't. Even when I see posts have a lot of up votes I sometimes just join the up-vote brigade and move on. As a community we all need to take part to make it a nice place to spend time.

      • Gozzin

        I was here before the exodus as i really hate the culture at Reddit. I still read some of the sub reddits there,but don't read all/,or whatever it's called. Snapzu is a far better website.