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  • Gozzin (edited 1 year ago)

    The article I posted to explains why meat eaters should remain meat eaters..Teeth explains this,length of GI tract and cecum size and microbiome also enplanes this. I found some veterinarians (who should know better)on line are promoting vegan diets for carnivorous/omnivorous,which I find very disturbing. When I volunteered in wildlife rehab,we did not feed raccoons,birds,etc. a vegan diet,we fed them what they evolved to eat in the wild. I'm fixing to get a gargoyle gecko. If I fed it just plants,it would die.

    Obligate carnivores like cats and ferrets have a limited ability to digest carbohydrates and are instead extremely efficient at making new glucose from non-glucose materials (a process called gluconeogenesis). Humans are also capable of using the gluconeogenic cycle to get energy, but we can turn it on and off as needed because our liver is able to regulate it. For cats the gluconeogenic cycle is always on, and that causes big problems when their diet does not contain enough protein..

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