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Published 7 months ago with 5 Comments
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  • Gozzin (edited 7 months ago)

    It's still processed soy protein. And as I've said before,the more a product is processed,the better it is for the company who makes it and the less benefits the consumer receives.I personally do not eat any processed products like this. Plus,some people with IBD or IBS would not do well eating this.

    • Appaloosa


      • Gozzin (edited 7 months ago)

        But vegans will force their eating ways on everybody and they do not care what the long term consequences are to anyone,or to the environment. We all have to eat as they say,even though we neither have the gi tract or microbiome to be herbaceous.Personally,since I do have IBS,I will continue to eat in a manner that is safe for me.

        • AdelleChattre (edited 7 months ago)

          the more a product is processed.... the less benefits the consumer receives

          Goody goody joy joy, more Impossible Burgers for everyone else then.

          vegans will force their eating ways on everybody

          Remember the rule about prudes that seem to spend a peculiarly lot of time and energy going on about how wicked and evil those perverts over there are?

          they do not care what the long term consequences are to anyone

          I see people making solid points about whether humanity can even hope to sustain current levels of meat production. Founded, as nearly as I can tell, on sense and reason.

          or to the environment

          Not sure you can wave that all away, ignoring actual long-term consequences, with fact-free vegan frankenhate. Has somebody vegan hurt you?

          We all have to eat as they say

          Sez who? You say I have to eat as you dictate, but where are the iron-fisted, torch-bearing, pitchfork-thrusting mobs of vegans ramming their agenda down your throat?

          we neither have the gi tract or microbiome to be herbaceous

          Spit take So we're using the same terms to mean the same things, you know that humans being omnivorous means we can digest both plants and animals, right?

          I will continue to eat in a manner that is safe

          I hope that vegans everywhere will comfort one another in the face of this soul-crushing defeat. Hopefully the sting will've faded by the time you come out as a macrobiotic vegan. Countdown mark.

    • funhonestdude (edited 7 months ago)

      I ain't eating any of that, thats for sure

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