• MillenCioran

    Is there a "true to the original" though? I think this notion might be somewhat flawed, in that the greatest of an reiteration is always somewhat changed and evolved. I think a key problem with Voyager was the goal to stay "true to the original" which held it back (and the characters were not quickly differentiated and made unique during season one). With each iteration, I like a little change, risk taking, etc. It is only that risk that something beautiful might appear, but yes, the chances of quality coming out of each iteration is very, very low.

    • spaceghoti

      Some change is good but what Abrams did in the reboot wasn't even internally consistent let alone "true to the original." I mean, Kirk hasn't graduated the Academy yet in the reboot, but Chekov has. Nevertheless he's promoted above even serving ship officers to suddenly command the Enterprise.

      Death is too good for Abrams.

      • MillenCioran

        It sounds like your standards are probably a little higher than my own! I enjoyed the RedLetterMedia review of the Abrams reboot though, I thought it was a fair analysis and critique.