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Published 3 years ago with 7 Comments

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  • drunkenninja
    • currentbias

      We can meme all we want, but some people are legit terrified. Not at what Trump will do, but what he won't do when toxic U.S. citizens start shit and he looks the other way.

      • TonyDiGerolamo

        Those people are just like the wackos who lost their minds when Obama was president. It does no one any good to protest a person or everything that the person is about. Trump has TONS of faults, but you have to acknowledge that peace with Russia will be a good thing. At least, that way, you push him toward what is good. By protesting everything he's about, he has no incentive to change.

        • AdelleChattre (edited 3 years ago)

          Protesting the president isn't particularly meant to impress the president. If protests meant anything to a president, the Liars' War in Iraq would never've happened. No, the protests are for everyone but. We've elected a troll. A racist, sexist, bigoted, moronic gadfly.

          People are going to react to that, and I think you maybe do them a disservice by comparing them to wingnuts that lost their shit that a socialist, Kenyan usurper antichrist won the White House in 2008. Because that was batshit crazy, and this is if nothing else then at least helping keep us sane.

          At this point in a Clinton presidency, I have absolutely zero doubt that we'd've shot down the first few Russian jets above Syria, if not what was once Eastern Ukraine, with a couple hundred thousand NATO troops massed on Russia's borders. As glad as I am that our once-inevitable war with Russia has at least been postponed, I'm not going to pretend our president is any less a bigot, or any less a Know Nothing troll, or anything other than the neo-Confederate white supremacist he is. All of these are true.

        • [Deleted Profile]

          [This comment was removed]

  • leweb

    I remember Chavez also saying that he was going to take power from he central government and give it back to the people. Then, of course, he proceeded to do the exact opposite. Everytime a local government was won by the opposition he would cripple them and give the power to his puppets. Maduro continues doing the same.

    Not sure what makes people think that Trump will treat opposition with courtesy and respect, given his history of dealing with opponents.

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