• Aaron215

    What sort of dough are you making? Can you share the recipe? It's the most important part in my opinion, and I can never get it to be good enough (at least good enough for me).

    • idlethreat

      Funny enough, it's the very top result whenever you google for pizza dough recipe ;)

      I proof the yeast, pour everything into stand mixer and let it beat the hell out of it for about 8 minutes. Let it rise, punch it down, divide into 7oz chunks, drop them into oiled sandwich baggies and freeze until I need them.

      one 7oz baggie is personal pizza size. two is large enough for my large pizza pan (I normally make thin crust. may need to adjust for thicker crusts)

      One trick I do when I bake pizza is to spread out the dough, get it perfect, then blind bake it for 10-12 minutes (just bake it by itself with no toppings). Pull it out, add toppings and cheese and back into the oven for 15 minutes. you get a crisp, browned crust that holds up to the toppings well.