• hereorthere

    Be honest. He lost the popular vote. Trump won, only due to America's antiquated and unfair Electoral college, where some voters are less than others.

    • AdelleChattre

      Yes, Trump "only" won because of our constitutional republic. If it weren't for the centuries-old American political system, why, record-unpopular presidential candidate A would've surely beaten record-unpopular presidential candidate B. It's unfair that presidential candidate A be held to the same standard as every other presidential candidate in American history. Let's scrap the Constitution and just make Chelsea Clinton empress-for-life.

      Whatever you do, don't question why candidate A couldn't beat candidate B. It's, of course, nothing to do with candidate A, everything to do with candidate B… candidate B is so awful there's no way candidate A could win an election against him. He's just that awful.

      And the Russians of course. If there's anyone to blame more than the U.S. Constitution, and how easily she should have beaten him, then it has to be Soviet spies. Not her. Never her. We failed her, is what happened.

      • leweb

        Saved me some work there, thanks :)