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Published 2 years ago by geoleo with 4 Comments

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  • Maternitus (edited 2 years ago)

    Last year I have tried psychedelics for the first time in my life (I'm 51 years). Both out of curiosity and for getting insights LSD-25 (the classic), 1cp-LSD and mushrooms passed "the lab". I got my insights and it helped me with my attitude towards several things in life and a cascade of good things followed, courtesy of Mother Karma. But the thing is that the hallucinations were a real part of the entire experience and helped me understand the source of, for instance, my more or less depressed state of mind. Even the staring at the curtains and being really fascinated by the dance moves of the wrinkled up bedsheets helped me free my mind. And the colours! Oh, the colours were splendid and out of this world. Good thing it is not a drug that has habitual tendencies like alcohol (which I do not use for over six years) or cannabis (which I sorta quit a few months back, thanks to the psychedelic journies). Listening to music helped also boost all the wondrous things I was able to encounter during the sessions.

    Taking away the hallucinations is not helping with the healing qualities of those glorious chemical compounds. Having a bad trip has mainly to do with the settings you have the trip in and with the sources of whatever you're trying to deal with IMHO. For instance: having babbling nurses and analyzing doctors around you won't really do any good to the effectiveness, I'd say. Also, having hallucinations helps you discover your true potentials and, believe me, is just worth undergoing it. Every trip, before ingesting the tab or capsule I gave myself a hug and told myself: "Whatever you see, hear or encounter, is you with the help of what you're about to take. And I will love that to its' full extent." Also: I did the trips alone, no disturbances, phone turned off, social media was forbidden, no communication but myself and the thoughts.

    Researching these medicines is very good and will help a lot of people, I'm so sure about that, but please: healing is a fun experience, the visuals and silly stare downs of the carpet and wallpaper could make one wonder about what we don't see or forgot to look at. Anyway, let's see if those doctors and researchers will get that part. It might help if they tripped themselves before they started researching. It would save a lot of implants in those poor mice.

    • Gozzin

      Thank you for this. I have a frind who is bi polar and has been on psych drugs all his adult life. He refuses to do what you did. There are even infusion centers for ketamine in NC and he refuses to go,even though he would be supervised,etc. Anyway, I hope you do well,safe journey and all that.

      • Maternitus (edited 2 years ago)

        It's sad to read that about your friend. I hope that doctors can help him in a constructive way one day. I have a niece who is bipolar and it is no fun for her, so I (sort of) understand the suffering of your friend.
        Never knew there are centers where ketamine is used as medicine. I think that is awesome and also a result of good research and acceptance of psychedelics as treatment. :-)

        • Gozzin

          hank you for your kind words. He's lead a pretty good life in spite of this mess. I hope he can be helped someday as well. We talked yesterday and he was in a pretty decent mood. The depressive aspects are retched but he's been able to channel his mania into writing science fiction fan fic. Whatever meds he's been given right now are working,so I'm pleased with that. I'd read about ketamine,i but just stumbled across it being used in several states by accident.

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