• Gozzin

    Thank you for this. I have a frind who is bi polar and has been on psych drugs all his adult life. He refuses to do what you did. There are even infusion centers for ketamine in NC and he refuses to go,even though he would be supervised,etc. Anyway, I hope you do well,safe journey and all that.

    • Maternitus (edited 5 months ago)

      It's sad to read that about your friend. I hope that doctors can help him in a constructive way one day. I have a niece who is bipolar and it is no fun for her, so I (sort of) understand the suffering of your friend.
      Never knew there are centers where ketamine is used as medicine. I think that is awesome and also a result of good research and acceptance of psychedelics as treatment. :-)

      • Gozzin

        hank you for your kind words. He's lead a pretty good life in spite of this mess. I hope he can be helped someday as well. We talked yesterday and he was in a pretty decent mood. The depressive aspects are retched but he's been able to channel his mania into writing science fiction fan fic. Whatever meds he's been given right now are working,so I'm pleased with that. I'd read about ketamine,i but just stumbled across it being used in several states by accident.