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Published 2 years ago with 4 Comments
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  • cjrobe (edited 2 years ago)

    "65,000 times faster than current 4G technology" is false. BBC says "More than 65,000 times faster than average 4G download speeds" which is an important distinction. BBC's is at least technically correct, but comparing controlled tests in ideal conditions to an actual average of a countrywide rollout is slightly misleading. 65,000 times faster is assuming average 4G download speed at 16mbps. 4G in certain areas can get up to 100mbps in the real world.

    Details aside, I'm happy to see extremely fast wireless connections become a reality. When 5G rolls out, assuming the slow development of fiber in the US, it very well might surpass home internet speeds in many areas.

    • drunkenninja

      I think when 5G hits, it will change the way people use the internet. Would be great if we can get rid of the data plan and the internet plan and just combine them somehow with one company. I'm sure they wouldn't mind making more money selling one plan.

      • cjrobe

        Agreed - that is definitely the future. It's not a matter of if, but when. I'm hoping the government eventually steps in on data caps and we can get decent priced 5G Internet with at least a few hundred GB.

        • drunkenninja

          Yeah, that's really what I am hoping for. A decent price option that can be used almost anywhere. It would be amazing to just take the net with you anywhere you go without having to be tied down to one stupid wired connection. Its about time we got this.

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