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Published 3 years ago by drunkenninja with 2 Comments

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  • Gozzin

    Yep,I've read about the Great Filter." and i do feel we are going to get snagged in it and I suspect many others on other worlds have as well.

  • leweb

    The problem with the Great Filter is that once we figure out what it is it will be too late to avoid it.

    Having said that, I'd like to think that there are other more likely scenarios that will destroy humankind before climate change does. For example, when crucial natural resources start becoming scarce, the resulting wars can destroy us before we have a chance to drown/burn/starve to death.

    However, the gap in the Fermi paradox is large enough that even if the vast majority of intelligent civilizations are not really that intelligent and end up destroying their planet before they can escape (like us), you'd expect to see something. Yet there's nothing there. It sort of makes me wonder if the simulation argument is the right answer.

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