• undone

    I'm somewhat new around here. It is a little confusing trying to understand how all of snapzu's parts fit together, but it seems to be improving with every release. Some observations:

    * "Tribal mastery" is a weird label. IMO, it doesn't really describe what it is.

    * Replies to my comments should be way more obvious.

    * Why is my "home" house sometimes yellow? I don't know.

    Can you create your own tribes at a certain level? Or is it all predefined?

    And are we snafuians?

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    • TNY

      There was once a time when we didn't get notifications to replies. Also, I think the house is yellow when you are on your HOME page (showing your feeds).

    • drunkenninja

      Yep the concept is definitely getting refined with each release! I believe the term we chose as to what we call ourselves is "Snapzuites" it seems the most fitting, others appear to agree, then again its non official lol.