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Published 9 years ago by drunkenninja with 28 Comments

The 10 most awesome features on Snapzu

I've been using Snapzu for a while, and over that time there has been a lot of cool functionality added to make our lives more enjoyable while on the site. The list below highlights a few reasons for why this place is truly a unique social link sharing experience...

  • The idea to create this snap originated from a self post I published in the /t/lounge tribe titled "10 things you might've not known you can do on snapzu" which asked members to list their go-to functionality that other users might find useful.

    Below is my attempt at listing the most awesome features that snapzu has to offer along with my reasons of why. Please feel free to add to the list by leaving your suggestions in the comments section, if enough people agree about a certain feature I will edit this snap to list it!

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      Visual Magazine-like Front Page

      Concept: Gather all the newest and most upvoted content posted within the community and arrange it into a grid-like visually pleasing central area for users to explore.

      Awesomeness: Images, glorious images everywhere! This is personally the most rewarding way to surf content I have ever experienced! Not only does the page update regularly with new up-and-coming content rising to the top, but the box sizes within the grid tell me what is the most popular. I can choose to select niche topics like "Technology & Web" or "Science & Space" to view in the same fashion as well, which makes things less random.

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      Leveling System

      Concept: Collect XP (experience points) for contributing and being active within the community.

      Awesomeness: The more active you are the more XP you earn towards your next level. With each subsequent level you earn unlocks that allow you to do more on the site. The awesome part is that as you progress cool stuff happens, and users get to see you as an active and contributing member of the site. This helps to weed out spammers and low contributing members which at the end of the day keeps the site full of quality content.

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      Reputation System

      Concept: Reputation is a number from 1 to 100% based on the combined score of up votes versus down votes received over a period of time.

      Awesomeness: Although this may seem like a confusing concept, its actually quite simple... If you post good links, create quality content and leave informative and useful comments you're most likely going to earn a heck of a lot of up votes and very little down votes. These "up votes" and "down votes" create a ratio which is then converted into a simple number called "REP". The higher the REP (ie. 85% vs 13%) the more revered the user is within the Snapzu community. This is awesome because it helps members choose the best people to follow and keeps those pesky spammers away. To end on a personal note, it feels damn good to be appreciated.

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      Tribe Mastery

      Concept: Tribe mastery is a score (0 to 100) that is unique to my activity in each tribe that I am a member of. The more I post content and or comment or vote within a tribe, the higher my tribe mastery becomes.

      Awesomeness: All of my tribes are sorted by tribe mastery so that the ones I am most active in show up on top for quick access. This eliminates the daunting task of having to continuously organize and keep track of the tribes I personally find most engaging.

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      Self Posts

      Concept: Create a quick text based tribe specific post that functions like a snap but doesn't have all the extra features and expectations associated with it. Self posts are meant for quick discussions, a proper title and text body is all that is expected.

      Awesomeness: Sometimes I feel like posting a quick question, a life experience or need advice on a certain topic. I don't wish to create a link to anywhere because sharing a link is not my intention, writing a blog post or an article is not something I wish to do either. A self post helps me to quickly and effectively engage a community of users in a specific tribe without the need to go further. A great example of a self post only tribe is the /t/lounge tribe where only self posts are allowed.

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      Content Creation

      Concept: In addition to sharing links, the snap creation functionality allows for the expansion of my snap by letting me add modules that locally host text, images, embeds, lists (like this one) and more.

      Awesomeness: This lets me expand my snap with extra content I feel would be appreciated by the rest of the community. If I post a link, I can include a video or an image or even add additional text or an image gallery. I can also create original content (like this snap) which can be anything I desire like a top list, a blog post or an article I feel like publishing. Having the option to do this and quickly share it with my following is awesome!

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      Saving posts into my Snapzine

      Concept: I can save interesting content/posts into editions (categories) of my Snapzine (Snapzu magazine) for later viewing, keeping updates on, and sharing with my friends (if I want to).

      Awesomeness: Not only am I able to create my own collections of posts and other awesome content that I can share with friends, but I also receive notifications when someone comments, replies, or in any other way participates on my saved post. Every save I get from the community is a hat tip (and an XP boost) in my direction showing appreciation for my efforts on the site, and I find that awesome.

    • 8 +1

      Following Users

      Concept: I can follow users who's posts interest me so that I can access their feed at anytime.

      Awesomeness: This creates a custom feed based on the most interesting people I have followed which becomes an extremely rewarding experience when it comes to viewing content specifically tailored to me. Those of you who have followed only a handful of users will see very little activity on your home page, I suggest you follow more people to expand your feed.

    • 9 +1

      Multiple Tribes Support

      Concept: Users can post their links into multiple tribes which creates an instance of that post in the tribes it has been posted in. All comments within the snap are shared and votes from all tribes create a general global vote score seen on the front page.

      Awesomeness: I don't need to post the same thing 5 times just to reach the users I feel should see my link, this saves me a lot of time and allows separate tribe communities to come together and discuss a link, as well as expand on it by adding related content. The awesome part is that my link has multiple chances to make it to the front page, and I can even see by viewing the snap where most of the up votes (and down votes) came from. This is super important to helping me choose tribes for future submissions. Another excellent bonus is that my young (still small) tribes get included in snaps that would otherwise only be posted into the larger more broad tribes, this is key to helping smaller more niche tribes to grow and gain a userbase.

    • 10 +1

      Compare Profiles

      Concept: I can compare my profile with any other member on snapzu by going to their home feed and clicking the compare profile button.

      Awesomeness: In a single click I can see important stats like "join date", "reputation", and "level". I can also see the general direction and interests by viewing contribution achievements as well as the tribes they founded. This is invaluable in helping me figure out if they are a contributing member of the community or a spammer/bot with a mission to feed me useless content.

  • If you're reading this it means that you enjoyed the list enough to get to the bottom! Any pins/shares are appreciated, hope the list was helpful to you!


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  • doodlegirl

    Nice list! Thanks for putting it all together for us :)

    • drunkenninja

      You're very welcome! It was a pleasure and a lot easier than I expected.

  • TentativePrince

    This is exactly what I needed to find, I'm sorta new here and just getting a hang of it all.

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • Gozzin

    Excellent list..And yes,I am very fond of this site for all those reasons. The cream rises to the top, as they say. I see very little spamming,which is what I definitely appreciate.

    • drunkenninja

      I think the community does a damn good job weeding out the spammers too, keep your down votes cocked people :)

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • bkool

    I've really been enjoying the categorized front pages. Especially lately since I haven't had that much time to browse because of work.

    • canuck

      This. I especailly really like the videos page.

    • drunkenninja (edited 9 years ago)

      Yep, those are my go-tos for just surfing around in the mornings to catch up on current events. My favs are Science and Space, Tech and Web, News and Headlines and I sometimes creep into the videos area to watch some clips.

  • manfrys

    Thank you for all informations provided. I'm fall in love with Snapzu it's like reddit on steroids!

  • cunt (edited 5 years ago)

    Will there ever be a sorting, search option to search weekly threads by most comments or view how many comments a post on the front page has?

    I would come here more often but there just seems like like a complete lack of conversation on posts

    Maybe i'm visiting the wrong tribes, who knows

    It would good to find a way to increase discussion a lot more

  • Chubros

    Great stuff for the n00bs, but I've been here long enough to know about most of it by now ;)

    • drunkenninja

      Put your money where your mouth is, list a few you think I should have included but left out :D

  • [Deleted Profile]

    [This comment was removed]

  • undone

    I'm somewhat new around here. It is a little confusing trying to understand how all of snapzu's parts fit together, but it seems to be improving with every release. Some observations:

    * "Tribal mastery" is a weird label. IMO, it doesn't really describe what it is.

    * Replies to my comments should be way more obvious.

    * Why is my "home" house sometimes yellow? I don't know.

    Can you create your own tribes at a certain level? Or is it all predefined?

    And are we snafuians?

    • [Deleted Profile]

      [This comment was removed]

    • TNY

      There was once a time when we didn't get notifications to replies. Also, I think the house is yellow when you are on your HOME page (showing your feeds).

    • drunkenninja

      Yep the concept is definitely getting refined with each release! I believe the term we chose as to what we call ourselves is "Snapzuites" it seems the most fitting, others appear to agree, then again its non official lol.

  • FiveGHz

    Thank you! I'm new here so to me, that was very informative!

  • culdesacked

    That was a useful introduction to features.

  • Kakurine

    Huh, zany. This site is like the mutant offspring of reddit, lockerdome, and pinterest!

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