• kevino025

    Ill be honest, Im really not looking forward to this movie. While it doesnt look at bad as everyone thought it would a while back, Ive yet to see anything that would makes this movie great. It just seems like a 'generic' (and I hate to use that term) super hero origin movie. Maybe the Batman vs Superman trailer spoiled me, but I just dont see it in this one. I really am hoping the movie will prove me wrong. Lets just ditch the origins stories for a while, specially for rebooted characters.

    • JoPro87

      It just seems like they are rehashing the other Fantastic Four movies (which were also generic). Way to set the bar low!

    • BurnsyDelight

      Agree completely. Maybe just like... assume we know who they are.

    • Chinky

      My sentiments exactly. Then again, it's just a trailer and I certainly wouldn't want a trailer to give away everything. It definitely appears to be going in a "safe" direction movie wise but we'll see. Well, some people will see, I won't because I'm hoping it will fail and the rights will eventually go back to marvel.