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  • leweb

    Sorry but I'm not turning off my ad blocker :(

    • ttubravesrock

      yeah, I don't mind sites asking us not to use ad-blockers, but the way forbes goes about it will just drive traffic elsewhere.

      • leweb

        You have to be pretty arrogant to think that, as one of the many possible sources of news, you can single-handedly change every user's behavior, especially those who know enough about the Internet to persistently use an ad-blocker. Good riddance, Forbes, there are many other ways I can get my news fix without wasting 70% of my bandwidth on crappy ads that I don't care about and opening up my computer to ad-delivered malicious code.

  • NinjaKlaus

    Well at some point they had to realize that a yearly update to their phone was eventually going to bite them in the ass. Wow, your new phone has 2 extra pixels over last years and is only $400 after a trade in, yeehaw I'ma get me one of those... At some point people finally figured out last years phone is still great, and the new one doesn't have anything that makes me need to update. It's time for Apple and others to go on OS cycles, when one phone drops off the upgrade list add a new one with the latest and greatest.

    In order to appease wall street they have to make devices and hope the people buy them, so intro the watches and other things to make up for the fewer people buying yearly phone and tablet upgrades.

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