• kdawson

    I like Mr. Obama but I completely disagree. Under the slight veneer of equality applied following the civil rights era I think racism had continued as always and, perhaps, deepened. It is ingrained into the psyche and institutions of the nations to the extent that I don't believe you can avoid being, at least to some extent, racist. We must remember that this nation was founded by white supremacists as were all its institutions - legal, scientific, academic, social and law enforcement. I consider myself something of a miracle as I was raised as a white man in the pre-civil rights, Jim Crow south by a working class, uneducated white family that taught me to hate racism. Yet I have, simply from the society I lived in, survivals of hatred I wish could be scrubbed out of my brain. Such things as a carp is a 'nigger bass' or doing a shoddy job is 'nigger rigging' it. This is from the world we grew up in and it's stain will persist especially as long as so many insist it doesn't exist.