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    6 years ago
    by archmagician

    Commented in Six people die in London rampage; police fatally shoot 3 suspected attackers

    And now for another evening of watching live updates on a couple of websites.

    I think it was back when the 7th of July attacks happened that a guy was interviewed sitting outside a pub and he said something along the lines of "I'm here today and will be here tomorrow. We've been bombed by a better class of bastards than this." We had the blitz, the IRA, things like the Iranian Embassy siege, the policewoman shot outside the Libyan Embassy and now all of these incidents but the country will still continue doing what it does, people will still go to the pub and that will never change.

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    7 years ago
    by drunkenninja

    This robotics hobbyist makes a living creating shitty robots

    They're so bad, they're good. Simone Giertz’s morning routine involves a lot of really bad robots. They fail miserably at waking her up, brushing her teeth and making her breakfast. The 25-year-old Swedish robot enthusiast has parlayed their failures into a very successful YouTube channel, and full-time job. Watch the video above to see some of her best (or rather, worst) robotic creations.