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  • archmagician

    And now for another evening of watching live updates on a couple of websites.

    I think it was back when the 7th of July attacks happened that a guy was interviewed sitting outside a pub and he said something along the lines of "I'm here today and will be here tomorrow. We've been bombed by a better class of bastards than this." We had the blitz, the IRA, things like the Iranian Embassy siege, the policewoman shot outside the Libyan Embassy and now all of these incidents but the country will still continue doing what it does, people will still go to the pub and that will never change.

    • Chubros

      We don't let the terrorists win. Fuck em.

      • AdelleChattre

        We don't let the terrorists win.

        We don't? You're sure of that, are you?

        Fuck em

        Huh. Vengeance in spades'll fix everything, you say?

        • sashinator

          Ohhhfff. Must you taint everything with cynicism? It's so exhausting. We get it. You're smart cuz you're negative. How profound.

          • AdelleChattre

            Check again exactly who's being negative above.

            • cunt (edited 1 year ago)

              It was you, you get old very fast. Try slowing down, it might expand your lifespan

            • AdelleChattre
              @cunt -

              Thanks for the advice. I'll note it, along with the other rash snap judgments in your comment history, though I retain doubts the War on Terror is going perfectly to plan. In my heart, I know you're right. Quite far right, actually.