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  • bitwise

    Maybe people with the psychopathic tendencies that make them compelling leaders often suffer from a lack of empathy required to appreciate what they're taking from others for their own gain?

    They probably don't think very much about whom they're hurting, as long as it doesn't mess with the meal ticket.

    • shiranaihito

      It's not only tendencies. They are psychopaths, and therefore genuinely don't care at all what happens to anyone else.

      Also, the only use case for political power is (for someone) to benefit at other people's expense - otherwise you'd just let people do business and trade as they please.

      What's a "leader" anyway? We call them politicians, leaders, policymakers, officials, authorities and regulators, but what they actually are is rulers. Strangely enough, "ruler" doesn't sound very nice.. it reminds us of Kings, Emperors and Dictators. It's just that now we have a couple of hundred rulers instead of just one.

      • ReverendEntity

        It's all about the phrasing. Being killed by your fellow soldiers = "friendly fire". High fructose corn syrup = "corn sugar". Invading a foreign land, slaughtering large numbers of its inhabitants and forcing them to convert to your religions and social codes = "civilization".

        • shiranaihito (edited 3 years ago)

          Yeah, and "taxation" sure sounds better than "extortion".

          Taxes are "levied" too, as opposed to "forcefully taken from you".

          - Bail-out = Your money gifted to bankers
          - Bail-in = Your savings confiscated from your bank-account
          - Bank Holiday = Banks are closed so that you won't be able to take out your savings (to avoid losing them through confiscation or collapse in value)
          - Capital controls = You're prevented from moving your meager wealth out of the country (to avoid losing it through confiscation or collapse in value)
          - Eminent domain = We'll just confiscate your property on a whim, or whenever it's necessary to benefit our cronies
    • septimine

      Plus he's a peer, so he didn't really have to earn his lordship. It's easier to hide things when you don't have a 9-5 job with other people.