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Published 5 years ago by baron778 with 2 Comments

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  • drunkenninja

    Well, at this point accidental "murder" is generally considered manslaughter and not homicide. Unless as a society we fix the way roads are built, and cars are governed internally (hopefully soon) we will continue to have these sort of idiotic accidents. I mean, why are cops rarely charged with murder when shooting and killing innocent people in situations that should have been easily deescalated? It's just one of the many problems out there that need a complex solution.

  • leweb

    Judges are under immense pressure to save resources and jail cells for the worst repeat offenders,

    Yeah, that’s why people get sent to jail for 10+ years for carrying some marijuana on them.

    Riding a bike on a road, at least in the south, is almost suicidal. When I moved there I bought a bike and, within a week, I was almost hit by a car three times. People just don’t know how to react to a biker.

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