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Published 3 years ago with 15 Comments

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  • JodaMAX

    Reddit is becoming more corporate and spineless each day, what else is new?

    • Fuyu

      I honestly think this is an unfair response to call them "spineless." It was this or lose a majority of their Russian users. Reddit doesn't want that, but neither does their users. It's a move that benefits them both, perhaps the users more than Reddit even because obviously a single person losing access to a frequented site is much more impactful to that person than it is for Reddit to lose a small percentage of their users.

      • mtks

        Censorship is still a bad thing however. For any reason.

        • Fuyu

          So you'd rather Reddit not engage in selective censorship so they can be blanket censored by a government?

  • l23r

    I wonder if Reddit will be okay with blocking access to Coca-Cola related entries in HailCorporate in countries like Cuba, or a car ad with a woman driving for people viewing it in the UAE, or ads from one of their big sponsors like Adam and Eve in pretty much any country with "sex and obscenity" laws.

    • NinjaKlaus

      They would almost have to do this now, they've put themselves into a bad position where they were willing to censor something, that means it'd be hard to deny censorship to others so long as they come with a valid court order of some kind. Of course that's not what's happening with Russia, Russia said we block, Reddit said we block you no block.

  • moottranslation

    I was going to write a hella long comment about users using a free website for practically unlimited content, and how life is unfair, and how it doesn't matter at the end of the day. And then I got tired, and I realized I'm tired of trying to explain concepts that I don't understand, so why even bother. And then I'd made it this far, so I figured I should at least post it. Life is hard.

    • frohawk

      Life is so fucking hard.

  • ishana (edited 3 years ago)

    That is why we have free versions of everything and by free I mean no boundaries, Sadly most of those are illegal...

  • elkabong

    I recently got shadow-banned for downvoting one of the Monsanto shills. He can just post pages and pages of astroturf, but if I dare to downvote him, I get banned.

    It's a fucked up system, where corporations, and governments control SOCIAL MEDIA. That's why I'm here, hoping to be part of something better, something less censored.

    • Break

      I HIGHLY doubt you were shadowbanned for down voting a handful of his comments. However, if you went to his user page and blanket-downvoted a ton of his comments then that could (and IMO should) lead to your account's privileges getting curtailed.

    • cailihphiliac

      How did they know you downvoted?

    • Gozzin

      How did they know it was you? Did you say something? And yeah,big business can just trample all over everyone.

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