• elkabong

    I recently got shadow-banned for downvoting one of the Monsanto shills. He can just post pages and pages of astroturf, but if I dare to downvote him, I get banned.

    It's a fucked up system, where corporations, and governments control SOCIAL MEDIA. That's why I'm here, hoping to be part of something better, something less censored.

    • Break

      I HIGHLY doubt you were shadowbanned for down voting a handful of his comments. However, if you went to his user page and blanket-downvoted a ton of his comments then that could (and IMO should) lead to your account's privileges getting curtailed.

    • cailihphiliac

      How did they know you downvoted?

    • Gozzin

      How did they know it was you? Did you say something? And yeah,big business can just trample all over everyone.