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Published 4 years ago by 90boss with 5 Comments

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  • kNox (edited 4 years ago)

    I think this isn't news, it's just that reddit is finally getting in on this action.

    People/companies have been manipulating reddit for years. They pay a couple of bucks for upvotes from bots and let the hivemind push their content all the way to the top. A couple of years ago I used to google people selling reddit accounts/upvotes and report them to the admins, they seemed on top of things and willing to straighten things out. I stopped reporting when my last messages went unanswered, and now there are literally thousands of people selling what's basically manipulation tools for next to nothing.

    The site's already being eaten alive, it's just that reddit's started to eat itself too.

    • baron778

      Yeah it's pretty obvious that reddit content is not really all organic. I see shitty ads up voted all the time and its no secret who or what up votes them.

  • SMcIntyre

    /r/HailCorporate is going to lose its shit. lol.

    • septimine

      Honestly, I think hailcorporate is more shill infested than the rest. That sub is the greatest place to put ads., and believe it or not, it's all you see.

  • Nelson

    Got my Orville Redenbacher's ® Gourmet Popping Corn ™ and can of Pepsi ® and going to watch this drama unfold!

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