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Published 3 years ago with 13 Comments
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Conversation 8 comments by 5 users
  • DunkEgg

    Too little too late.

    • Triseult

      Considering we're on Snapzu discussing it, I think you may be right. :)

      • DunkEgg

        I just got an Invite yesterday, it seems nice in here. I dont like the condesending tone of snapzu old users. Like everything we ex-redditors do is wrong. There was a thread about not putting comments with less than 5 words. Do you think my top comment needed more words to say our discomfort? I dont.

        • Triseult

          You find the old Snapzu users condescending? I find they've been nothing if not welcoming and gentle. Not pushy at all about enforcing the site's values, yet clear in what they like about their own community.

        • DJVee

          The great circle continues. Redditors also looked unfavorably upon Diggers during the Digg Exodus. When that long September arrives in a small, tight-knit site, the original community will fight to preserve their ways, but invariably, the old ways will become a part of the larger "modern" era. The meshing of old and new will undoubtedly work to the site's advantage, going forward.

          As more users integrate with Snapzu, the community will balance itself out, and will become a bit more relaxed. Snapzu is a great site, but as you could imagine, a few Snapzites are annoyed that the site is pretty chaotic right now, and are voicing their concerns to try and maintain the old peace. The beautiful thing about this, to me, is that the old peace might not return for some time, and that's wonderful! Snapzu is growing exponentially, and alongside Voat, is poised to become a fantastic community all its own. As history has shown, the Roman Empire didn't fall in a day, and in its throes into irrelevancy, the skies opened up and showed to the world that there is more than enough room for multiple smaller communities.

          The older users are simply adjusting best they can. They do mean well. I personally don't have a problem with brevity (it is the soul of wit, after all), and I'm sure others don't as well, but the line between intelligent brevity and low-effort posting is very fine. It is my hope that the community can tell the difference, and indeed, in this case they are correct!

          In closing, it's pretty crazy right now, but believe me, it's a wonderful place to be. Thank you for being here!

        • spaceghoti

          I dont like the condesending tone of snapzu old users.

          That's because you young whippersnappers have no respect for your elders! In my day we didn't hold with one hundred and forty character limits, we wrote expansive essays on BBS through 300 baud dialup connections that would crash half-way through your post! And we liked it that way, we loved it!

          Maybe when you've been around as long as I have you'll have more appreciation for the attention to detail that goes into this community by its members!

          (do I need a /s here?)

        • [Deleted Profile]

          [This comment was removed]

  • HazMat68W

    Very half hearted. Even her trying to explain her statements dismissing those who don't approve of her actions were poor. It's all damage control at this point, and it's obvious.

    • Triseult

      I agree that this is most likely damage control in reaction to last week's events... But at the same time, I try imagining what I'd say and do if I were in her position and wanted to genuinely make amends with the community, and I can't think of anything better than this.

      Not excusing her, just saying it's tough getting the community's trust back no matter how genuinely sorry she might feel.

  • YourTaxGuy (edited 3 years ago)

    Included in the apology is a message from the former CEO, Yishan Wong, which says:

    Because she's not really responsible. She's been in the job for a few months and is cleaning up the mess I made.


  • idlethreat

    Isn't this like complaining about your ex-girlfriend over at your new girl's house? ;)

    • Triseult

      Nah... It's like commenting on an ex-girlfriend because she just made the news. Or so I hope!

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