• pixelboot

    I went through something similar. In less than 3 years, I moved across the country twice, both times taking only what I could fit in my tiny car. It completely changed my perspective on spending and buying "stuff". I hate buying stuff now. I spend my money on things I need, and that is it.

    • Traveler

      Me too - in the early '90s I moved between TX and CA a couple of times in my tiny Toyota MR2 Mk.1

      In the late '90s I moved to the UK for six years. When we returned to CA in the early '00s we sold pretty much everything from our 2800 sq.ft house in England and moved into our tiny 300 sq.ft beach cottage - very liberating.

      Now we often live for months at a time in our 21' motorhome - tiny inside but we have the vast and wonderful outdoors as our very own backyard every time we wake - nothing better