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Published 4 years ago with 9 Comments
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  • SevenTales

    He's really picking up steam, and I wish him the best, but for those of you who know american politics well, does he have a chance at actually winning?

    • spaceghoti

      He may have a chance of winning the popularity polls, but that doesn't guarantee him the nomination. The Democratic National Convention were quick to change their rules after Jimmy Carter was able to capture public opinion in 1975 and use that to gain the delegate votes needed to become the Democratic nominee (and from there the Presidency). Since the party leadership didn't approve him they refused to work with him.

      Barack Obama used the party's superdelegate system created to stop the rise of another Jimmy Carter to secure the nomination, but he made sure he was vetted by the party leadership as he did so. I don't think Sanders gives a fig about the party leadership, he's on a political crusade, so I don't expect him to win the nomination. I'll still vote for him if the primaries come to Colorado, and I'll certainly vote for him if he secures the nomination, but I don't expect it.

      • SevenTales

        Ah! thanks for that. As a canadian looking in, I'm not all that familiar with the inner workings of the american system.

        • spaceghoti

          The US government, like US elections, operate at a remove from the actual citizens. When it comes to deciding who will be the nominee of the party, delegates aren't legally obligated to vote the way they're told. For a long time, neither was the electoral college although many states have changed their own rules to require it. That's why we refer to our government as a republic, with representatives voting on behalf of their constituents but not necessarily as their constituents tell them to vote.

    • TheEnglishMajor

      Though I couldn't comfortably say I know anything about the science or machinations of politics, from a sheer observer standpoint, I'd like to comment that the environment of this presidential election is very different than it ever has been -- it's completely changed from even the last two or three. A whole new generation has "come of age," has reached a place in their professional lives where voting feels necessary, feasible, and worthwhile for the first time. Add to that a candidate's ability to interface with his constituents directly through all the various online channels without needing the major backing of The Important People, and I'd bet it'd be hard for anyone to discount his chances completely.

      I've heard people smarter than me say that the younger generations were the ones who elected our current president. If that's true, I'd say Bernie Sanders's chance is as good as anyone's, because he's mobilized the Millennials even more. And if it works -- even a little bit, even if he doesn't win -- this idea of a kickstarter candidate could at the very least change the way these campaigns are run!

      • fanficmistress

        I am not an expert by any means either but I agree that he is targeting the Millennials especially with his economic policies which seems to be why he is gaining speed. I still think he will not beat Clinton for the nomination though as he is too far left and the goal is to be in the middle come general election. We will see what happens.

  • kdawson

    I think we are getting to the point that obedience to our rich corporate overlords is wearing thin...you know the old wages shrink while food grows more dear.. and perhaps, just perhaps a Sanders will win. The poor in this nation are treated worse than in any other developed country and empires fall from the top down.

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