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Published 6 years ago by Splitfish with 8 Comments
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  • grandtheftsoul

    A great day for Virtual Reality. Much more AAA titles will be pushed out for VR with Sony backing the craze. They will also most likely be easily ported between PS4 and PC for a larger market

  • Bonowski

    Between this, the Oculus Rift, and Valve's VR set, I'm pretty excited for the future of gaming / entertainment. It'll be exciting to play games made specifically for these VR headsets.

  • hxxp

    I've been waiting for one of these all my life. Let's get this out to market chop chop.

    • funhonestdude

      I know I'm so freaking excited right now... I knew a VR headset was coming, but it's still so friggin awesome to see it actually get announced by sony.

  • wetwilly87

    Probably smart PR not to specifically mention "3D" video as that term carries a lot of negative baggage that "VR" doesn't. I can't imagine it's not 3D though.

  • messi

    Any info given on cost?

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