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  • utesred

    I was pretty bummed when they announced it was only ready for iOS at E3 at launch. That seems like a pure lack of prioritization for Android. :/

    Has anyone had a chance to play it yet? I've heard really mixed reviews on it.

    • CuppaMatt

      How much you enjoy the game will rely 100% on your expectations. If you're expecting it to be the best mobile game ever you'll hate it because quite frankly it's not. If however you were expecting it to be a stripped down mobile game in the "Sim Tower" type genre then you'll enjoy it. It's better than most mobile games in that genre and while I've heard tales of it crashing lots from some people I haven't had a single issue myself.

      I've been playing it on my work phone (iPhone 5s) and my main complaint is that I'd prefer it on a bigger screen so I am quite looking forward to re-starting on my Note 3. The graphics are really good for a mobile game, I like the stylized Vault Boy style and the depth of the rooms.

    • daynpitseleh

      I tried it out on a borrowed ipad, and it's a fun game to play for a couple of minutes at a time. It's not something that you can really play for long periods of time, but it is fun to come back to every so often. I will definitely download it when it comes out on Android; it doesn't need Internet access, so it can be a fun little time waster that won't use up my data.

    • Jaysonator64

      Many developers nowadays prioritize iOS over Android, purely because iOS user spend much more on in-app purchases than Android users. iOS users spend as much as 3 times as Android users IIRC.

      In the case of paid apps, Android has a considerably large amount of piracy when compared to iOS. Unfortunately this is enough for mobile developers to prioritize iOS in development.

      • utesred

        Very very true, jaysonator. Even Google does this, most recently visible in the Google Hangouts update iOS received. It's not expected to reach Android for at least a couple months.

        Still, I was hoping for a company with the resources Bethseda has could handle building both Android and iOS versions of the game. I know it's not exactly a top priority, but still! :P