• drunkenninja

    I feel the concept of coincidence and the placebo effect can be a powerful thing. Some people want to believe so much, that their minds will invent whole alternate realities just to believe the things they so strongly wish to be real. Of course reality is essentially subjective to the person experiencing it, so what the world is to me can be completely different to you. This applies even more so to people that are in a bad spot and needing to believe in something other than the current reality they are faced with.

    There's frauds out there. And then there's people who know more than they have any logical reason to. Reality is a squishy thing.

    I 100% Agree, if there is anything more squishy, its the way a human brain can perceive reality. I for one am glad the scientific community as well as the general public are starting to recognize mental illness as something more than the problem of the very few. Psychics however are taking advantage of people in a state of being that will make a "psychic reading" seem like a reasonable option even though the costs of such readings can be considerable.

    I'm sure you had your reasons to see a psychic for a reading, and from what you say it was worth it, but you can be an exception to the rule and promoting psychic readings to people that are mentally distressed can be a dangerous thing.

    • undone

      I'm with you 95% of the way. Fraudsters are taking advantage of people, but there are professional psychics out there that sincerely have a gift.

      I was actually in a good place when I saw that old lady. I was mostly motivated by curiosity, it was someone my grandmother had known years earlier. I don't want to get too personal about the experience, but when Is say she wasn't vague I mean she told me things like "your girlfriend is pregnant" which I didn't believe then but turned out to be true. It all turned out to be true.

      All I really got from going is the knowledge is that the knowing is worthless.