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Published 4 years ago by Nelson with 6 Comments

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  • belangermira

    I'm picking this up in 3-4 weeks when the game is in the Steam discount pile for $3 bucks.

  • NomadiChris (edited 4 years ago)

    I actually saw a positive review for another game on Steam yesterday that read "I bought this game with my No Man's Sky refund".

  • NotWearingPants

    I had high hopes for this game. It's turned out to be an ongoing train wreck It's down to about 10% of it's high point for concurrent players and it's at 56% negative (and increasing) on Steam.

    It had a lot of promise, and way too much hype.

    • NinjaKlaus

      The hype machine that was their developer was insane, lies and lies on top of lies it seems. It's like promising you gold and giving you bronze because it's close enough to what I promised.

      • NomadiChris

        Probably Sean Murray's last powertrip.

      • NotWearingPants

        They've really blown it by going quiet post-release. They release patches but no patch notes. No communication on what they plan for the game after they get it stable (if they ever do). This will be held up as an example of "how not to handle a game release" for a long time.

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