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Suggestions are closed! Time for votes!

The two suggestions were Payday 2: The Heist and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Now for voting.

  • Rules to voting!

    - Please only vote once.

    - Do not downvote anything. I am using this vote as a system to gauge how many users will be attending by adding the total vote amounts.

    Also, please go to my Steam Group announcement and post your steam username so I can invite you to our steam group. That will make things immensely easier to organize this weekend. And if you don't have TeamSpeak 3 please download that and set it up, we are going to be using that to chat during the event. A thread for all information on our TeamSpeak Server is here.

  • Now to voting!

  • Please note that if your suggestion does not win, you can obviously still play with other members of our community in that game who would like to join you. It just won't be our official game this weekend.

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