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Published 8 years ago by MyAnacondaDoes with 5 Comments
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  • Aticusdarklord

    Maybe you can add tf2 aswell? Please

    • MyAnacondaDoes

      Maybe next week, we already had a suggestion thread for this week and decided on these two for the vote. Just make sure when I make the suggestion thread for next week (probably this Sunday), you comment for TF2 on it.

  • Ryvaeus

    What servers will you guys be playing on? I'd like to join, but not if my being in South East Asia will ruin the pings for all of you!

    • MyAnacondaDoes

      Were just going to be playing on any empty public valve servers. Quite a few people that I've invited to the steam group have on their profile that they are from the U.S. though, so for the best ping were probably going to be playing on a more local server. Maybe we can find a server with an alright ping for everyone though, maybe meet you halfway in a European server? When I'm trying to find a server I'll send you a message to see if we can work anything out.

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