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  • Appaloosa

    Yeah, well no matter how hard you try NOT have these things you bring to life not pop off the canvas, they do. They do.

    • Maternitus

      The one that is nearing completion sorta pops, but is full of little details and subtleties. It's kind of weird how things go for the moment. As I mentioned before, I am done painting on the legal spots, waste of time, energy, paint and money. Murals and canvasses are left and becoming the main dish, especially canvas, since that is more marketable and accepted as art. Also way better to create, since I live in some lame excuse for an appartment-studio. Space is not the final frontier here, trust me.

      But I like it better now. As if performing graffiti (not murals or canvas) felt like a ton of bricks on my shoulders. Well, it is sort of demanding: becoming king is one, staying it is way heavier, more expensive and mentally tough. The moment you have no competition anymore, is really crazy: you float, every dot you paint is good (they say), everything is a burner (they show by leaving it alone) and everyone is more than eager to shake hands. It shows, yeah. It is fun, but it doesn't maintain that status. Bigger, more, on far places, travels, all things that come across your path. Hard choices are made then.

      I chose creating above anything else years ago and made myself the promise to dedicate my life to it. Not for a nobel cause, not for money, but for more metaphysical reasons, from spirit to material, transformation, alchemy. It obsesses. But it gives back, exactly what you put into it. Actually more, because all the drama, laughter, cries, crazy moments and silly-sing-a-longs in the "workshop", adds a layer to it, that nobody will ever see. Is it worth dying for? Naaah. Is it worth dedicating my life to it? Yes. It doesn't harm anyone and it pleases people. Makes their day. :-)

      Also: it slows me down. It has to, going from burner wall to burner wall eats everything from me. Sounds crazy, really, it is so. I am like that. Little things keep spinning, becoming bigger and bigger until I go boom. Graffiti is way too demanding to play in the big league without a good reliable financial safetynet, sponsors and continuous commissions. That is so rare and impossible for me to reach. And with that understanding I go for the better challenge, the one that I can afford on all demands. :-)

      With the canvasses it focusses all round the easle and the table. That's it. I promised myself to try and keep it that way. :-)

      As you can see, it doesn't come easy to me, but I do not care about easy or difficult. I care about creating things, making people happy and help a bunch of souls on my way. :-)

      No coffee needed to write this. ;-)