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Snap: Downvotes posted by Jack
  • teamsnapzu

    Snapzu's down vote reason functionality was introduced as a way to help members within this community express the reason for their down vote. This functionality is meant to be a helpful tool and should not be considered as a set of rules due to the general subjective nature of the act of voting. Everyone interprets content differently, and because of that we are merely hoping the average interpretation will be the correct one in most situations. We are aware that this system is not perfect, but it is as close as we can come to an effective democratic approach where voting is done anonymously and for whatever reason.

    Down vote reasons:

    Because of confusion in regards to the "Lackluster Content" reason we have decided to rename this to "Poorly Written / Copypasta" and have added an additional 3 down vote reasons for the time being and will be working on streamlining the process in the near future.

    The new down vote reasons are:

    1. Poorly Formatted Title or Intro (All Caps, Cut-off Intro, etc.)
    2. Misleading / Clickbaity / Sensationalized
    3. None of the Above

    We have also slightly modified/renamed a number of reasons for general clarity and will be posting a blog update on the subject of down vote reasons shortly. In the update we will cover each down vote reason and guide users as to when we think each reason should be selected. The update will also go into detail on the future of voting, how to approach voting on comments, and when user reputation will be effected from down votes. Our continued expansion of the down vote reason functionality is one of our highest priorities because we believe it empowers the community in a significant and positive way. We hope you give us a chance to prove that we can continue to improve Snapzu's key functionality.

    We appreciate everyone who took part in this discussion!

    //Team Snapzu