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Published 3 years ago with 13 Comments

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  • drunkenninja

    Well that comes as no surprise, where were these people when it mattered?

    • leweb

      If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about the result.

      • Gozzin

        So true..Meanwhile,in Scotland, wild parties are happening.

  • Nutikaspu

    Did they seriously think that after a referendum that 33 million people voted in, they are gonna just have a second one?These are probably the people that didn't vote in the referendum and now demand a second one, should of voted when you were given a chance to.

    • CrookedTale

      Even before the first referendum the voters were told that this was a final decision. It sucks that they are leaving the EU but you do have to respect the decision of the people. Saying that I also have to say the presidential elections in the US are going to suck for me, but I will have to work with what I will be given.

      • Qukatt

        which is bullshit.

        the campaign was

        1) based on bullshit 2) run by people who've all now abandoned ship so should be rerun based on the policies of the new leaders, 3) people were imstantly unhappy with their votesand didn't actually expect leave to win, 4) the ref is never legally binding, just an advisory public consultation, 5) the people who overwhelmingly were pro leave are more likely to be dead by the time everything's actually been detangled from the EU, 6) the shit the leave campaign seem bitter about are not EU membership issues (coughhumanrightscourtcough) they are completely separate institutes, 7) people who are anti eu and using immigration as the main grumble will have to accept the fucking free movement to be allowed trade witht he single market so what is even the fucking point?! not to mention the Calais border will dissolve and England will have to deal with the Jungle on English soil for a change. Can't wait to see their faces when they fucking realise this in Dover.

        As for people who "should have voted" many were not permitted... including the few million EU residents in the UK; how were they not permitted to have a say in their futures? Many are protest voters who fucking regretted it as soon as leave was announced the majority. Many farmers and fishers are now regretting their votes as they're being told all their money is being stopped (heavy heavy eu subsidies), Corwall are like "oh but will we still get our eu money?" hah. no.. no you wont.

        it's shit, it's a bait and switch, it's a scam and now we';re going to have a worse-than-thatcher unelected PM.

        Time to build a guillotine.

        • AdelleChattre

          It's astonishing, for a faraway observer anyway, to see a national referendum let alone the bewildering, every-which-way stock-taking now the result rankles so.

        • leweb

          I don't buy the argument that people were instantly unhappy and didn't believe leave would win. They voted for it. Votes are not a Facebook feed, where you can complain about anything you want, they have consequences. If they don't understand that, well, they're getting the government they deserve.

          • Qukatt





            it's an estimated 2.3 million of these brexit regretters. they reckon there are a lot of Remain voters who also regret their vote. That tells me there should be a third ref to let these idiots sort themselves out. One that allows the EU permanent residents vote as well (cause ffs they damn well live here). One with a campaign fought witht he leaders who'll do the actual leaving, with the leaders who will put forward their actual plans and their actual facts.

            it doesn't matter what side i'm on, it's these dithering cockwombles who've messed it up.

            • leweb

              I'm not saying you're wrong, just that people should know better. I had to leave my home country due to something similar. But an electorate who believes without any critical thinking every lie they hear on the media will make this sort of mistake again sooner rather than later.

              Of course the leave campaign lied and deceived. All politicians lie! People have a responsibility to learn the facts before they vote.

            • Qukatt
              @leweb -

              no, we have a responisibility to hold the people in power to account for their actions. We have the ability and the power to force changes to the rules of campaigning (of which there are police investigations happening regarding the torys breaking the election money rules) and we should use them to force campaigns to run cleaner with facts than this shambles.

              "all politicians lie!" does that make it ok? cause "everybody does it!"? or does it mean we need to force them to get a fucking grip and stop being like that?

            • leweb (edited 3 years ago)
              @Qukatt -

              I couldn't agree more. Now how do we hold them responsible when the entire government is corrupt from the floor up? I wish I could see an option not involving blood and tears, but sadly I don't see it. And people in Western societies are too comfy eating their Doritos on the sofa and watching TV to confront the problem. Politicians know this well, and take full advantage of it.

              If at least people made an effort to see through the lies, we could have different outcomes, but it seems they don't even try. How come so many people overnight realized they made a bad choice? They had months to figure it out, and the truth was there the whole time.


    Why not? Go for the best out of three or maybe three of five? LOL

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