• NinjaKlaus

    Last year the company was acquired and taken private with a stock buyout, a whopping $15 or $20 per share I think it was, it's not really the same company. Since the buyout the local locations have stopped carrying half the donuts they used to and now have things like Reese's donut, Power Rangers promotion, Ghostbusters promotion, etc... those doughnuts have a premium price on them and cost more per donut even if you buy a dozen box, which also have seen their prices increase from about 7.99 for original glazed to 9.99 for original glazed and 10.99 for assorted. At this point, I'd prefer to have my crappy stock back. Anyways... the point is that this acquisition company is to blame for ending fun promotions like this.

    • CrookedTale (edited 5 years ago)

      I know they have been slowly trying to promote their product as "specialty" doughnuts and charging more for it. But to go from Krispy Kreme fried doughnuts to Krispy Kreme "foodie specialty designer doughnuts" is a huge risk at this point. It is so early, imo, after purchase. Plus dropping older promotions that people were aware of at the last second will drive some people away. Now in the case of their ITLAPD promotion they could have adjusted the giveaway and still had the larger crowds. ITLAPD crowds crowds keep them busy all day because families love it. So maybe promote 1 free doughnut for every pirate or child and then sell the special.pirate themed doughnuts in 12 and 6 packs at a decent price. I think most people would be ok with that. There are many different ways they could have handled this rather than pulling the promotion all together. Now another company can jump in if they want the crowd, Long John Silvers went from free fish to free deep fried Twinkies and I noticed Chic Fil A is running a free "Gold" chicken nuggets both new developments in this market that could work out for them.

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