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  • Ranmaru

    Does anyone else think that this smells like a PR stunt for that guy's channel? Of course he has deleted the game and the link where he supposedly got it from doesn't work. The link, http://www.kpjnftgm6xqz9sw2.onion/file1.html, doesn't even look like it's from a deep web file sharing site. file1.html, seriously?

    There's something fishy about this.

    • wheels29

      Even if that's the case, he put in enough work to deserve the views.

      • Ranmaru

        I don't disagree. I love a good creepy mystery, even if it's just a fabricated one. And this one's pretty well made for what it is. Definitely one of the better if not the best "creepy haunted game" things I've seen so far.

  • Zeus

    This game looks pretty dang creepy. I really like some of the things they did with the sky effects. It's nice that these days you have YouTube playthroughs, so when you hear about something like this you can actually see it in action.

  • Jello

    What is it about putting the words "Deep web" in something and all the sudden it becomes twice as creepy. I know that youtube horror games are all the rage right now but this one stood out because its "from the deep web". Is there any reason this game couldn't have existed as a regular download from any other site? Not at all, it just adds another shroud of mystery the youtube audience of today is perpetually hungering for.

  • skeeva

    As creepy as it is, I kinda want to play this.

  • vulpixwithdix (edited 5 years ago)

    I'm sure the sentiment won't be shared, but I really didn't find anything about this too terribly creepy or scary. I made sure to watch all three of the videos in the article. It kind of made me think of a bad acid trip, or salvia trip. The environment changing, the sound effects (which after a while become repetitive and almost comical), and the general feel of the game. There was nothing truly treacherous about it. If you really watch the videos again. It's just you walking down some hallways with some creepy kids joining the party, but really doing nothing. They just stand there and block your way.

    I may be desensitized to a lot of horror stuff though. I can totally see how this would freak some people out. I just like my scary games to be scary through other means. The "helpless and wandering around looking for a way out" seems a bit overdone nowadays.

    I hope that doesn't sound too cynical of me.

    • secretcity

      After watching one of the videos of the guy playing the game, I think what's creepy about the it is what you as the user anticipate. Combined with some of the atmospheric effects and the weird sounds, I think user/player expectation fills in the blanks of the game, making this creepier and invoking a sense of dread. Sometimes there's nothing worse than the unknown, and nothing is more unknown than a dark hallway with, like you said, no way out. There's no aim here, no directions, no end in sight. The light flickers and the rest of the senses are muted or dulled, so the player can't rely on those to figure out what's happening. What's in the dark? More nothing? Satan? Ghosts? Someone waiting to stab you? Unicorns? Gore? Who knows.

      Maybe this is creepier to those of us who have overactive imaginations. Personally, I am easily surprised when games or movies use the jump-scare tactics, but I also find those more along the lines of 'cheap thrills.'

      Just out of curiosity, what in a game makes it a good horror game, or truly frightening?

    • pixelboot

      I agree. The videos reminded me of something you'd find off Newgrounds or something in the early 2000's. I'd like to know more about this created notepad file, but the fact that there wasn't more information beyond it simply existing makes it feel kind of hoax-y.

      • vulpixwithdix

        I have seen the notepad file in a few other horror games ( Imscared is a good example). It's a neat idea, in theory. Typically with most games the text file updates every time the game is played and "crashes" or you exit the game. It adds a realistic feel to the game and can make it feel more immersive. Like "Oh the game is haunted and it's making it's own files on my hard drive!" But sort of overdone in this instance.

  • Heaven (edited 5 years ago)

    This reminds me of the Kanye Quest secret levels found a month ago.

  • CaCtUs2003

    This looks awesome! Definitely going to have to check this out!

  • RektByTheBell

    I don't like spooky games. Even when I'm playing them with my friend we're both too spooked. They're fun and all, but just not for me.

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