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Published 8 years ago by Autumnal with 3 Comments

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  • CuriousCJ

    I initially wanted to get this controller just to have something to substitute a mouse and keyboard for my htpc, but I found a program for that. I still plan on getting one because there really isn't another controller like this one around. I can't wait to see how well those trackpads work for games that aren't normally controller friendly.

    • Autumnal

      I'll write an impression the second I get mine, my wife grabbed the bundle for me for Father's Day :3

  • Civil

    I'm really interested in the controller, but I'm still on the fence about it. I'm sure I'll get it eventually so I can mess around with it to see whether or not it's for me. If not, oh well. It goes on the nerd shelf with the rest of the unused peripherals.

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