• galacticunion

    Interesting fact about modern day compressor type refrigerators, they laugh in the face of energy conservation and you pay for that every day. In a nut shell, a refrigerator works by sucking the heat out of the area you want to keep cold and it sends that heat into the room the refrigerator is in. Many years ago that was accomplished by putting a compressor on top of the refrigerator and the tubes that carried the heat from the area you wanted to keep cool was put on top of the compressor and because hotter air travels upwards the heat that the process produced and the heat that was sucked out of the refrigerator was carried away from the area you wanted to cool. Nowadays the compressor is under the area you want to cool, like a flame under a coffee pot, and the cooling tubes are incorporated in the shell of the refrigerator, like an oven heating a cold turkey, and the energy companies go EI EI Oh all the way to the bank.