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  • AdelleChattre

    Pretty sure society and nature flourishes and perpetuates around heterosexuality.

    Well, pretty sure life perpetuates around not getting killed. Yet, self-sacrifice of the kind that makes people run into burning buildings or into enemy fire across No Man's Land is still a part of who we are. How does that happen? Is there an evolutionary advantage in altruism that pays off in the long, long run? There are those who speculate the answer there may lie in something called "kin selection." The advantage may well be in the protection of one's kin. The biologist J. B. S. Haldane once said he was prepared to lay down his life for eight cousins or two brothers, and it's not too far to speculate that may be at the heart of the matter.

    Homosexuality is widespread in the animal kingdom. How hard can it be to imagine there may be an evolutionary advantage in that? Or that it's a part of life?

    To associate ethnicity and sexuality (or gender) is a false dichotomy.

    Not a dichotomy.

    gender stereotypes (which evolved over what was best to perpetuate society)

    Any basis for that conjecture, or are we just riffing here?

    HOWEVER, sexuality is not

    Easy for you to say. For many folks, their sexuality is a thing. I'm not altogether clear why someone would think that was up to them to decide for others.

    Goodness these people think in such small, myopic terms.

    "These people?" Eesh. Right back at ya.

    Yes, when will lesbians learn their place?