• currentbias (edited 7 years ago)

    Better Russia than Saudia Arabia.

    • CrookedTale (edited 7 years ago)

      That was my concern with Clinton/s (you always get more than one) . I don't want anything to do with Saudi Arabia either. The fact that both candidates had these ties, secret or otherwise, to other countries made this a crap year for elections. If Clinton would have won I would be bitching about her. But instead I will bitch about the President elect and his buddy who has a special friendship with Russia. That is because he won and she didn't. Family before country, country before party (if you have one).

      Edit: Just so there is an understanding, back in 2013 when Exxon and Russia became big friends: The President also decorated the heads of ENI and Exxon Mobil with the Order of Friendship for their big contribution to developing cooperation in the energy sector. Who was the ceo of Exxon back then? Oh Rex Tillerson!!!!!


    • leweb

      Better anything than Saudi Arabia.