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  • bitwise

    I'm with you. My attempts to get active were usually hit-or-miss until I got a Charge HR and used it to track all my runs. Having that real-time tracking on hand lets you make informed decisions more often regarding calorie intake, quality of your exercise and whether or not you're keeping to your habits.

    I would seriously recommend a Fitbit to anyone, and everyone I know that has one feels the same (plural of anecdote isn't data, so maybe we're outliers).

    • idlethreat

      Ultimately, fitness trackers will not make you lose weight. It's just a measuring device. Better than that, it's a reminder. For one brief moment out of your day when you put it on, it reminds you that you should do a little better than yesterday.

      I think the people who stopped using their trackers decided they didn't want to be reminded.

      • Ravneson

        This. I got a fitbit a while back. The calorie logging bit quickly got neglected, but the step-counter & sleep logging on the other hand are really useful as reminders of how much/little I actually move/rest during a full day. Not to mention it helps keep my perception in check, sometimes working hard all day doesn't actually entail having moved more than a couple of actual meters..