• Appaloosa

    Great, so it changes from one unhealthy processed cheese substance to another even more processed cheese substance. Like margarine is good for you.

    • Gozzin (edited 11 months ago)

      Yep...Thing is,the less real ingredients they use,the more money they make.so why not suck up to a tiny minority with big mouths? This won't cut emissions,since said emissions are not coming from animals,they are coming from industry. They pretend to do the "right thing" and laugh all the way to the bank. Vegans don't give a flaming fart how bad this processed crap is for humans since human suffering does not matter.

      She added that the chain wanted to help people 'flex' their diet - incorporate more vegan foods into their diet - by creating products that non-vegans would choose.

      Except,of course those who don't want to "flex" their diet by eating fake "food",or who have GI problems and can't "flex" their diets don't matter,as always.

      I don't eat at chain dives anyway,so they can just shove it.