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Published 4 years ago with 2 Comments

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  • SuperCyan

    I think there's a lot of reasons that Twitter is starting to go down hill.

    One of the main issues is spam - and the inability to filter it. It's not even a companies doing it on purpose, it's people that let other sites control their account that are clogging up the feeds. I follow a lot of YouTuber friends, and they all have YouTube to Tweet any time that they breathe. Add a video to a playlist? Tweet. Liked a video? Tweet. Favorited something? Tweet. I'll miss important things from people, because someone decided that they really like watching David Grohl drum. To get rid of those posts, I have to resort to using a 3rd party app.

    The fact that I have to leave the site in order to get any meaningful control over my feed is just irritating. The app will display this "While you were one..." thing at the beginning of my feed, and when I hit the close and "I didn't like this button," it still shows up the next time I load the app. The design of it all is just horrible. I can't filter keywords, users, or websites. The app sends me a daily notification and email every day (43 emails in the past month), with more emails when something happens - by default. It's like their plan was shovel shit in everyone's faces first, then worry about making a site worth using second.

    The physical design isn't the only thing that's flawed - it's the entire idea of the site. 140 characters for a post, really? If you post a link, or use a tag, then that number drops fast. SMS was something like 160 characters, and that still felt a bit short. Really, they should have done at least 280 or so, which would have been double than what it is now. There's times where 140 characters is just too short to get a point across - leaving you to either post 2 tweets or use a different service and link to it. The sad thing is, you could actually use Instagram to do that, because the site dedicated to posting pictures isn't even that dumb to make their caption limit that small. Seriously, I understand the site is about brief thoughts, but can we at least make them longer than a single item grocery list?

    To see Twitter stagnate isn't really surprising - the novelty of it all is starting to fade, and people are going to it less. I don't think as many people post, because it's just too difficult to condense anything worth saying into 140 characters. The only people really left are kids in high school, and I don't think there's many adults on the site.

  • Triseult

    This is a good article, but I feel Twitter's flaw is much more fundamental. Twitter is the command prompt of social media, and it's being overtaken by flashier, more specialized apps that offer a lot more options and control.

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